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Agricultural/Silage Film

J.D. Roberts Agencies Ltd. is Ireland's leading distributor of agricultural and horticultural films. Films are produced for the agricultural and horticultural industries including packings for flowers and plants.

3 Layer Silage Films Hytileen is a 3-Layer Film with superior properties than conventional silage films. It is available in white/black but colour combinations (green/black) can be made available.

  • The third layer in the center of the complex provides a high mechanical strength and an excellent oxygen barrier.
  • The black layer offers total opacity to sunlight; only by combining 3 layers of different polymers in one film a perfect performance can be guaranteed.
  • As a result lower silage temperatures and a better preservation with a higher nutrive will be obtained. Hytileen is composed exclusively of first class raw materials, produced by the latest co extrusion technology, offering you the unique combination of high strength and oxygen barrier.

Silage Film Agricultural/Silage Film

Hytileen Black/White Silage Film Co. Ex Three Layer
Hytileen Black Silage Film Co. Ex Three Layer
Silage Film sizes :- 24' to 60' wide. Length 0 to 400 feet.
Three Layer Co Ex. Colours:- Black or White

Hytistretch Sizes:

(a) 500 x 1800 Mtrs.
(b) 750 x 1500 Mtrs