Agricultural/Silage Film

J.D. Roberts Agencies Ltd. is Ireland's leading distributor of agricultural and horticultural films. Films are produced for the agricultural and horticultural industries including packings for flowers and plants.

3 Layer Silage Films Hytileen is a 3-Layer Film with superior properties than conventional silage films. It is available in white/black but colour combinations (green/black) can be made available.

Silage Film Agricultural/Silage Film

Hytileen Black/White Silage Film Co. Ex Three Layer
Hytileen Black Silage Film Co. Ex Three Layer
Silage Film sizes :- 24' to 60' wide. Length 0 to 400 feet.
Three Layer Co Ex. Colours:- Black or White

Hytistretch Sizes:

(a) 500 x 1800 Mtrs.
(b) 750 x 1500 Mtrs