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Horticultural Film

J.D. Roberts Agencies Ltd. is Ireland's leading distributor of agricultural and horticultural films. Films are produced for the agricultural and horticultural industries including packings for flowers and plants.

Greenhouse - Horticultural FilmHorticultural Film products include Mulch Layflat, UVI Tunnel Film, Mushroom Tunnel Film, Silage Film and Floral Wrap Films.

The demand for a high quality package for cut flowers and pot plants is greater today than ever before. The appearance of the package has been shown to play a critical role in consumer purchasing decisions of floral products. Different materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene in a variety of finished can be bought together in almost any combination imaginable. Different models and shapes such as sealed bottom, punched holes and even six colour printing are also available. Besides specialties there is, of course, a large assortment of stock sleeves.Flowers

Gift packaging for flowers and plants has also become increasingly popular. These sleeves are specially cut so that pot plants and plant arrangements can be presented most attractively. Packaging your product this way can give you a competitive edge.