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Agricultural Rhino Stretch Netting

Rhino Stretch is the choice for farmers who prefer stretch-wrapped bales over traditional silage sheeting.

Rhino Stretch is designed for use with leading brands of bailing equipment and is already used extensively throughout the agricultural community. Through a lengthy history of proven quality, leadership and product expertise in the agricultural, horticultural and industrial film industry, Rhino Stretch has developed the experience and knowledge needed to successfully produce top quality film. Rhino Stretch ranks among the best.

Rhino Stretch is synonymous with quality and strength

Rhino Stretch is synonymous with quality and strengthRhino Stretch combines superior strength and powerful cling to ensure utmost preservation of the silage nutrients. Careful selection of top quality raw materials, leading edge, innovativeproduction processes, state of the art facilities, equipment and laboratory are elements of the production process that account for the success of Rhino Stretch.


Rhino Stretch is suitable for all types of silage - grass, hay and stray.
A brochure with instructions and suggested use is included in each shipment.

Technical Data
Colour Black, Light Green or White
Thickness 25 microns
Sizes 500 mm x 1800m
750 mm x 1500m
Tensile Strength MD 40 MPa
TD 35 MPa
Elongation MD 550%
TD 750%
UV Stability 140 KiloLangley