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Silage Protection Netting - Nicosil

  • Nicosil secures your silage pits or trench silos with round or Nicosil - No Picking My Friendsquare bales against heavy wind, rain, hailstones, birds and stray cattle.
  • Nicosil guarantees permanent air tightness of the polythene sheeting underneath.
  • Nicosil is developed by Nicolon in copoperation with the Husbandry Research Station, agriculture consultants and live stock farmers.
  • Nicosil gives you a guarantee of less waste.
  • Nicosil last longer.
  • Nicosil expected lifetime of at least 10 years.


    Standard Sizes: (m)
    8 x 10
    8 x 15
    9 x 10
    9 x 15
    10 x 12
    10 x 15
    12 x 15