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Wall Panels & Marbleflex

Wall Panels have a uniform smooth surface. This is due to the composition that makes up the abestos-free fibre cement sheets. The natural colour of the panels are light rey but can be painted with any water based emulsion or acrylic to give the desired finish.

Weather Resistant
Good Insulation

Due to its composition, it is not affected by insects, termites, sunlight or steam. It will not rot or split. It is also weather proof.

Fire Resistance
The asbestos-free fibre cement material of the wall panels have the following:-

(a) Early Fire Hazard Indices as tested to AS 1530 Part 3 - 1982

Ignition Index 0
Frame Spread Index 0
Heat Evolved Index 0
Smoke Developed Index 0

(b) Uniform Building By Laws 1984 Class "0"

(c) BS 476 Part 6 (fire propagation)
Index Performance (l) = 1.1 to 2.8
Sub-Index (i) = 0.2 to 1.6

(d) BS 476 Part 7 (surface spread of flame)
Characteristics - Class (1)

Weather Resistant
The sandwich panel is non-flammable, water resitant, non-corrosive, anti-acid, non-rusting and non-rotting.

It is extremely resilient. It does not warp or bend even when exposed to heat or moisture.

It can be cut or sawn using a tungsten carbide-tipped power circular saw.


  • It can be easily installed with speed at job sites by unskilled local labour.
  • It is economical to use.
  • It can be be completed easily to meet stipulated deadlines.
  • It is versatile and can be made to suit building plans.
  • It is available immediately.
  • It requires only minimal maintenance.

Standard Sizes:

Width 4', 2'
Height 8' (All patterns)
9' & 10' (Superflex, Stucco, Tika & Chemerah only)








Marbleflek is a one-pack decorative multi-colour coating suitable for interior use on almost any surfaces where attractive hard wearing decoration is required.

Marbleflek is available from a virtually limitless range of colours and can be colour-matched to any brand of multi-colour from any manufacturer.

Marbleflex is ideally suited for use in high traffic areas: Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Shopping Malls, Airports, Banks etc.

Surface Preparation
Surface should be clean, dry and free from loose or flaking materials. Apply a coat of Marbleflek Basecoat prior to applying Marbleflek Multi Colour.

Spreading Rate
Approximately 4 square metres per litre depending upon pattern type and substrates surface texture.

Supplied ready to use. Apply by spray only. Spray apply using the cross lap method of application, ventilate during application and drying period. For best results, use spray gun fitted with medium/large internal mix spray cap connected to pressure pot. Pressure should not fluctuate during application so as to ensure consistency of spraying. If thinning is required 5% water should be added gradually in small increments.

Glaze Coat
Marbleflex Glaze Coat may b applied as an additional top coat for a glossy and extra protective finish.

Marbleflek can be applied on Dry Walls, Fibreboard, masonry, Plaster Walls, Gypsum baords, Brick and Cement Walls, Acoustical Tiles, Wood, Fibreglass, Plastic, Glass and almost all building materials.

Marbleflek is anti-static and does not atttract airborne dust, thus reducing maintenance costs.

  • Washable
  • Fast Drying
  • Functional
  • Tough & Durable
  • Hides surfaces imperfections
  • Can be touched up
  • Economical
  • Seamless
  • Attractive and cheaper than wallpaper.

Drying Time
Surface dry in 3 hours, hard dry, overnight. Do not apply when humidity is high enough to cause surface condensation o when temperature may fall below 5° C.

Pack Size
5 Litre can. 20 Litre Drum.

Colour Range
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Marbleflek Colour Range I
Marbleflek Colour Range II