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Brochure Blue Diamond


  • Blue Diamond 3000 & Blue Diamond 3000 Repro slates are manufactured from a non-asbestos formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres and Portland cement.

  • Blue Diamond 3000 & Blue Diamond 3000 Repro carry a comprehensive warranty guarantee covering both structure and colour. This guarantee is strictly in accordance with the manufacturers' original guarantee. A copy of this original guarantee is available on the website under the guarantee section.
  • Blue Diamond slates are fully compressed and finished with the highest quality acrylic coating available in the modern world today.
  • Fixing: Pre-drilled three holes.
  • Minimum Rafter Pitch = 20 degrees. Laid to 100 mm Lap.
  • Density : 1700kg/m3 average when tested to BS 4625; section 14.
  • Frost Test: 100 freeze/thaw cycles in accordance with BS EN 492; 1994.
  • Tolerances: BS EN 492; 1994. Length or Width = +-3.00mm. Thickness +1.00mm/-0.4mm
  • Fire Ratings: Fire BS 476 Part 4 fibre cement slates are non-combustible.