Blue Diamond Fibre Cement

Technical Data

Fibre Cement is a modern Composite Product with ideal Properties. Fibre cement is a composite product made of cement reinformed with fibres, which is mouldable in any way during fresh condition and stable and weather-resistant when hardened.

After a hardening process of 28 days the circ-components of fibre cement are as follows:

Fibre Cement is a Building Product totally harmless regarding Health

The raw components of fibre cement cause no health doubts. The reinforcing fibres are physiologically harmless. Furthermore prefabrication to the greatest possible extent causes a minimum of building site work.

Fibre Cement Products have many Advantages

On the basis of the actual reinformcement fibre cement products may be manufactured in considerable thinner dimensions and they are considerably more shock resistant than non-reinforced cement products. Weight reduction has an advantage in transportation, application and static load of buildings.

Modern fibre cement products as a rule are already colour-coated during production with mainly water-soluble coatings. The surface treatment has a decorative as well as a protective function. It gurantees a durable colour and temperature resitance as well as excelllent resstance against UV-rays, acid rain and erosion.

Because fibre cement during production in fresh condition is mouldable in any way there is almost no limit in the architectural range of applications. Also manufacturing of individual moulded pieces with regard to building site resuests is possible.

Wanit Fibre Cement Products have withstood the Test of Time

Products for roof, facade and horticulture demonstrate their quality on many building since 1982. New structured surfaces, designs, colours and formats helped the products in a very short time to gain an excellent market appreciation. Today, Wanit provides a wide fibre cement range which fully meets the modern needs in aesthetics, function and economy.

Many buildings designed by ambitious architects, craftsmen and clients with both total and detail solutions demonstrate our professional competence.