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Roof Underlay - Rofatop

Vapour Permeable Roof Underlay

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Rofatop is suitable for either warm or cold roof installation. A tough versatile vapour permeable roof underlay that meets the demands of old, renovated or modern designed roofs of the future.

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Rofatop. German manufactured to the highest possible standards, it is the most technically
advanced vapour permeable roof underlay available. Manufactured into 3 layers of waterproof
polypropolene, the inner layer is the functional breather membrane protected both sides with a quilt. This gives increased strength, high impact and nail tear resistance

Rofatop: a success story
A product which is produced by manufacturers established over 50 years, the Rofatop is established for over 20 years with tens of millions of sq. metres sold.


Rofatop and the moisture comes outRofatop vapour permeable membrane can be used to comply with the requirements of: Rofatop 115 and Rofatop 135 are manufactured for use under slates or tiles on open rafter (unsupported) or fully supported pitched roofs. This underlay may be used in the following roof systems:

1. Ventilated in a cold roof system
2. Non-ventilated in a warm roof system
3. Non-ventilated in a cold roof system

The installation of these roof systems using Rofatop 115 and Rofatop 135 is described in Section 2.4 of this certificate. Laid correctly, in accordance with the recommendations specified in the IAB certificate, it will protect the inside of the building from the elements while awaiting the slates, tiles or sheeting to be fixed. Any rain, wind driven snow that does pass through the outer roof skin will roll down the upper surface of the underlay to the eaves gutters as will the condensation from the underside of the roof.

Rofatop has a pleasant light blue colour, it will not dazzle the roofers when being laid. It can be individually branded for corporate advertising purposes.