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Ultra Diamond Blue

The production lines in Belgium on which the ULTRA DIAMOND SLATES are produced, incorporates the most modern and technically advanced coating lines in the manufacturing world today. The results of which is a finished product of an extremely high quality, a smooth surface with coated sides and back side, this finish is unequaled in quality by any other man made fibre cement slate to date. This ULTRA DIAMOND SLATE will give your property a high quality aesthetic roof which will be most pleasing to the eye for many years in the future.

Quality, sustainability and safety are not just words. They are practiced daily in our manufacturing process.

"Ultra Diamond Slates are manufactured to withstand the test of time" high levels of sunshine, rain, snow, freezing temperatures etc, as proven since the factories first production in 1905. Ultra Diamond carry a comprehensive 30 year guarantee, the colour is guaranteed in accordance with the manufacturers original guarantee, which is available upon request. They are manufactured to BS.EN492/1994 and are manufactured under EN 401 environmental standard also EN ISO 9002

Quality management standard.
Ultra Diamond are palletized in bundles of twenty pcs and the pallets are easily identified as they are packed with coloured branded hoods.
Ultra Diamond is an economical, high quality slate. No sorting required when laying.

Ultra Diamond comes in three colours to match your building:
Blue Black. Blue and Heater Brown.

Technical Specifications

• Fixing: predrilled three holes.
• Minimum Rafter Pitch = 20 degrees. Laid to 1000mm Lap (Moderate 1 Severe Exposure).
• Density: 1700 kg/m3 average when tested to BS 4625 ; section 14
• Frost Test: 100 Freezel thaw cycles in accordance with BS EN 492 ; 1994.
• Tolerances: BS EN 492; 1994. Length or Width = 1 ± 3.00mm. Thickness + 1.00mm,/ -0.4mm.
• Fire Ratings: Fire BS 476 Part 4 fibre cement slates are non combustible.
• Thickness 4,0mm
• Length 600mm
• Width 300mm & 600mm
• Frost resistance according to BS.EN 492 draft, 10/92
• Storage: Ultra Diamond Slates should be stored dry, protected from the weather and other hazards.
• Markings: brand, size and colour.
• Pallets of 1060 PCS Ultra Diamond Shrink wrapped.