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Secure Safe Cabinets

Secure Safe Cabinets


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• Secure Safe Cabinets conform to EN14450 Standard, Grade of Resistance: S2 and S1.

• Double Bitted Key Lock conform to EN1300 A.

• Electronic Controller Lock conform to EN1300 B (on request).

• External Construction: Strong 3 mm thick Mono-Block Steel construction, including fully welded top and base; Using the latest technology to achieve consistant accuracy & high quality. (for item Leon: 4 mm thick). • Additional Strong Internal Steel Paneling 2 mm thick Full Length (total: 3 + 2 mm).

• Door: Strong 3 mm thick Mono-block Steel construction; Leaf Door not less than 50 mm.(for item Leon: 8 mm thick)

• Extra Door Reinforcements • Chromed lock bolts: Ø 22 mm.

• Full Length Anti-Jemmy Bar. • Anti-drill Reinforcements for Lock System & Lock Bolts.

• Safety Glass (for display cabinets) conform to European Standard UNI EN356 (burglar proof) and UNI EN1063 (bullet proof). • Fixing Holes in Back &Base.

• Different Versions & Accessories on request; Munitions store, Armoured store, shelves, glass shelves, lights pre-arrangement etc. (see model list overleaf).

• Available in different sizes (from 5 to 20 weapons and more) and weight (from 81 to 400 kg).

• High Density Foam Divider (anti-corrosion & anti-scratch).

• Carpeted interior (4 colors)

• Powder Coated. For high resistance to Scratching, Flaking, Humidity & Salt Spray

• Secure safe cabinets available in 7 different colors (see colors choice)