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UAC V-Ridge

UAC V Ridge: Horizontal Ridge & ASP Hip RidgeThe UAC V-Ridge is an injection moulded, autoclaved, multi-thickness fibre-cement (asbestos-free) product made with Portland cement and ground silica reinforced with cellulose fibres. Whilst it has been developed as a ridge capping for slate roofs, it can also be used on roofs installed with fibre cement shingles, shakes or corrugated sheets.

UAC V RidgeUAC V-Ridge comes in a range of four different ridge angles, i.e. 90, 105, 120 and 135 degrees to fit most roof slopes. The standard size of V-Ridge is 600 mm long, 175 mm wide each side of the "V" and its nominal thickness ranges from 5 mm at its thinner section to 12 mm at its thickened reinforcements. Each ridge is light, ighing only about 2 kg.

UAC V-Ridge is currently available in two standard textures:

  • Black (Natural base colour coated with clear primal)
  • Blue (Pigmented grey base, coated with greyish black primer and quality top coat to assure an aesthetic and long lasting finish against flaking and uneven discolouration).


Several innovative features are integrated into the UAC V-Ridge to provide functional advantages and advantages and distinctive benefits over other convential fibre cement "V" types. These special features are illustrated below:

Underside of V-Ridge Upperside of V-Ridge
Thick reinforcements enhance product bending and breaking strength during handling and fixing Underside of V-Ridge
Upperside of V-Ridge

Drain slots facilitate water run off

Imprint authenticates UAC product and facilitates ridge angle identification.

Side skirting (with deeper incline) accomoadates offsets & tolerances of roof structure along ridge line.

Reinforcement reduces the distance between ridge supports on underlying purlins/battens for improved seating and stability during installation.

Conventional Type

Conventional Type

UAC V-Ridge

UAC V-Ridge



V-Ridge Fixing Recommendations:figure1: V-Ridge Fixing Recommendations:

Install roof structure and roofing sheets in accordance with the manufacturer's recommedations and provide necessary battens for fixing of V-Ridge as shown in figure1.

Lay the first piece of V-Ridge (as a starter ridge) with its non recessed end at the starting end of the ridging line of the roof. (For use as hipped ridge, ensure that the recessed end of the starter V-Ridge is always pointing upwards towards the line of ridging).

figure2: V-Ridge Fixing Recommendations:Lap the second V-Ridge on the first, followed by successive V-Ridges in lapping configuration along the ridging line.

Drill and screw the starter V-Ridge and successive V-Ridges into the ridge battens with 50 mm x 6.3 mm self sealing screws (recommended) at fixing positions as shown in figure 1 and figure 2. Ensure proper alignment of V-Ridges during the laying and fixing operations.

Shorten the final V-Ridge at the stop end of the ridging line as necessary. This may include the removal of the recessed end of the V-Ridge. Depending on the remaining length of the cut-off V-Ridge at the stop end of the ridging line, fix enough screws on the finishing V-Ridge to prevent ridge-end uplift.




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